Monday, August 31, 2009

Beetroot Thoran


Beetroot - 2 medium
Shallot - 1
Greenchillies - 3
Grated Coconut -1/2 cup
Curry leaves - few
Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp


Chop Beetroot into small pieces.Crush together coconut,shallot,greenchillies and curryleaves in a mixi.Put a pan on the stove,add oil and Splutter the mustard seeds. Add the crushed coconut mixture and saute well.Add Beetroot to this and sprinkle 2 tbsp of water and required salt.Cover it and cook well (it takes 10-15 mins).Turn off the heat and serve with rice or chapathi.

Easy Palappam without coconut


 Basmati Rice - 2 cup
Cooked rice-1/2 cup
Dry yeast - 1tbsp
Milk - as reqd.
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Salt - a pinch


Soak the rice for 4 hrs or more.Blend together soaked rice and cooked rice by adding enough milk.In a cup add 1tbsp of sugar,yeast with 1/4 cup of warm milk.
Mix the yeast mixture and rest of the sugar to the blended rice and mix very well to get a loose
consistancy and leave to rise.
Note: Do not add water at any point.use only milk.
Stir lightly and make Appam in 'Appachatti'.
Serve hot with Egg Masala or any curry you like:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009



Roasted Rice flour-2 cups
Water -as reqd
Salt-to taste
Grated Coconut-as reqd


Add the boiling water and salt to the flour and knead to a soft dough. Fill it in an idiyappam mould and close it. Take an idly tray and sprinkle some grated coconut. Place the prepared dough in to the idiyappam mould and fill the idly stand. If you like, you can add coconut to top of the idiyappam as well.

Steam for about 10 minutes till the iddappam is cooked. Switch off the stove and allow it to cool.
Transfer the idiyappam to a serving dish and repeat the process with the remaining dough.

Serve with Sugar or Potato stew.



3 Kerala Banana(half-ripe)
2 Eggs(optional)
1/2cup grated coconut
1/2tsp Cardmom powder
1tbsp Cashewnuts(chopped)
1tbsp dry grapes
2tbsp Ghee
2tbsp Khuskhus(optional)


Cut the bananas into two and steam it(do not overcook the bananas).Remove the skin and allow to cool.Remove the black seeds in the center.Grind the bananas into smooth dough without adding any water. keep it aside.
Note:don't use ripe bananas.It should be medium ripe. Otherwise you can't make it right.

In a pan add 2tbsp ghee and fry the cashews and dry grapes till it become golden brown colour.Add Khus khus and coconut to this slowly.Mix well . Add the eggs and cardmom powder to this. Stir well till it reaches a scrambled egg consistency. Remove from flame.

Oil your hands with a little ghee.Take small balls (the size of a lime) of the ground banana. Flatten it on your palm to small disc shapes. Put 2 tsps of scrambled egg mixture in it.Fold edges and press lightly. Now roll it in your hands and shape it like 'Unnakkaya'.

Heat oil in a frying pan and fry it to a golden brown colour. Serve hot with tea.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Murgh Masala(Masala chicken curry)

Murgh masala is basically the Hindi name for Chicken curry.This is one of the easiest chicken curry i made.


1/2 kilo Chicken
1 big onion
1 medium tomato
2tsp each chopped ginger and garlic
3 greenchillies
1/2 tsp red chilly powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/tbsp peppercorns
1tbsp garam masala powder
1/2 cup yogurt
3tbsp Coriander leaves
1tbsp Cashewnuts
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp oil


1.Marinate the chicken with chilly powder,turmeric powder and salt and keep it for1 hr.
2.Make a paste of tomato,onion seperately.
3.Mix together green chillies,peppercorns,garlic and ginger and make a paste.
4.Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan .Add the onion paste,saute well
5.Then add the ginger garlic paste,pureed tomato.Cook well.
6.Add the cumin powder and garama masala powder to this.
7.After 2 mins add the chicken pieces and some water.Cover it and cook this fo 20 mins.
8.When the chicken pieces are enough cook add the yogurt and mix this for 5mins.
9.Garnish with cashewnuts and coriander leaves.serve with chappathi or rice.

Special Banana Fritters

well,everyone knows about the usal kerala snack'Pazham Pori'. This one is also something like that,but i made some difference in this and it tastes better than the pazham pori.


Ripe Banana(Nenthrapazham)-2
cornflour-4 to 5 tbsp
powdered sugar-3 to 4 tbsp
cardmom powder-1/4tsp
oil - for frying


1.Boil the Banana and allow it to cool. Grind them into a smooth paste.
2.In a bowl add the banana paste,cornflour,sugar powder,milk and cardmom powder.Mix well.
3.Take small quantities of batter and fry it in oil. You will see the batter is form like fritters.
4.when it became golden brown take out and serve with tea .

Hope you will enjoy this Special banana fritters..:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Caramel Custard

Caramel custard is an easy dessert with simple ingredients.


2tbsp Sugar(for the caramel)
3 Eggs
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups whole milk
1tbsp vanilla essence


Heat the pan in medium heat.add 2tbsp sugar and melt it(You can add 1tbsp water to this,otherwise it will burn)make the caramel and pour immediately to the moulds.keep it aside.

To prepare custard, beat the eggs, milk and sugar in a bowl.Add vanilla essence & mix well. Strain mixture before pouring over caramel in mould/s. Cover the dish with aluminium foil.

Pour 2 glasses of water in a pressure cooker .Keep the dish in that and close the cooker . Cook for 25minutes on a slow flame.Turn off the gas.allow to cool.
When it is cooled demold the custard.Now you will get the beautiful golden colour custard.


Sukhiyan is a traditional kerala snack mostly available in small teashops. This snack is very tasty and delicious. The stuffing is made with green gram. I got this recipe from Lakshmi Nair's "Magic Oven". I am sure you will enjoy this one. This is my Hubby's favoritesnack,he can eat 10 at one time:))
here is the recipe..


for filling

Whole moong dal(green gram)-1/2 kg
Jaggery-1/4 kg
Grated coconut-2 cups
Cardmom powder-3/4tsp

for the batter

Allpurpose flour-2 cups
Baking powder-a pinch
Salt-a pinch
Coconut milk powder-25grm
Water- as required
Oil- for frying


1.Soak the greengram overnight.
2.Cook the green gram with some water(don't add too much of water,so that it will become mushy).
3.In a pan make jaggery cyrup (add 1/4 cup of water).
4.When it melts add coconut and cooked greengram.Mix well
5.Saute well when it becomes thick and dry.
6.In this stage add the cardmom powder to this and mix well.
7.Remove from heat and allow it to cool.
8.Make small balls from this.
9.Mix together allpurpose flour,coconut milk powder,salt and baking powder.
10.Add one egg to this (this step is adding egg the outer covering of the sukhiyan will be very soft and tasty..
11.Add water to this slowly and make it to a thick batter.
12.Dip the green gram balls into this and fry it till it become golden brown.

 Sukhiyan is ready!!

Hope you will enjoy eating, as much as you enjoyed preparing it...

Happy Experimenting..

Dry Fruit Laddu

Today, after lunch, we were just sitting back and enjoying a movie, when suddenly my hubby expressed his desire to enjoy something sweet... I have been thinking about this laddu for a while and then, I thought, why not I try this one! After all, it would be a nice sunday sweet...

So I started with it right away...It took me 30 minutes and my husband loved it!!!

I hope you will also enjoy trying this... Here is the recipe for "Dry Fruit Laddu"


Dates - 1 cup
Almonds-1/3 cup
Pistachios-1/3 cup
Cashewnuts-1/3 cup
Dry Grapes-1/3 cup
Sugar-1 tbsp
Ghee(melted butter)-2tbsp
Dessicated coconut-2-3 tbsp(optional)


1. Chop the dates,almonds,pistachios,cashews,dry grapes into small pieces.

2. In a pan add ghee and first dry roast the almonds and pistachios .

3. Next roast the cashews and dry grapes and keep it aside.

4. In that same pan add the dates and melt it in a slow flame(it takes 3-5 mins).
(if you like more sweet you can add 1 tbsp sugar to this stage)

5. Mix the dates and nuts and roll it in your palms to form small laddoos.

6.finally roll them in dessicated coconut.(this is optional)

store it in an airtight container...

Share with me your thoughts on this once you have tried it.

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