Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parippu Vada


Toor dal or chana dal -1cup
Green chillies-3
Salt - as req.
Coriander leaves-handfull
Oil - for frying


1.Soak the dal in water 2-3 hrs.
2.Chop the onion,ginger and green chillies.
3.Wash the dal and grind it without adding water.(if it is difficult then u can add 2-3tbsp of water)
4.Mix together dal ,onion,ginger,greenchillies,coriander leaves and salt.

5.Take small quantities from this and make round shape in your palm.
6.Fry it in oil till it became golden brown.

7.Yummy Parippu vada is ready.Enjoy :)

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