Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malabar Chicken Biriyani


For Rice

Basmati rice - 2 cups
Cloves - 3
Cinnamon -3pieces
Cardmom -3
Ghee - 2tbsp
Water - 3cups
Rose water - 1tsp

For Chicken masala

6 big chicken pieces
4 big onions
4 big tomatoes
7Green chillies
1 big piece of ginger
6 big garlic pods
3tbsp of chopped mint leaves
3tbsp of chopped coriander leaves
2 tsp Biriyani masala(below)
1tbsp Lime  juice

Biriyani masala

Cinnomon  - 1big piece
Cardmom - 3
Cloves -3
Nutmeg -1
Caraway seeds- 1/2tsp
Fennel seeds -1/2tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Dry roast all together and grind to a fine powder.

For Garnishing

Raw cashews and raisins
Saffron 2 strand
Milk -2tbsp
Coriander leaves

Preparing the  Chicken masala

1.In a pan add 5tbsp of ghee and fry the thinly sliced onions.
2.Fry them till it become crispy and nice golden   colour.Keep it aside.
We will use these fried onions  for the chicken masala and for garnishing.This will give a nice flavour to the Biriyani.
3.Crush together ginger,garlic and greenchillies.

4.In a big pan add the tomatoes and saute well till it become soft(don't need to add ghee here).
5.Add some water and cook the tomatoes.
6Add the crushed mixture and saute well.
7.Add the cleaned chicken  pieces and some water to cook the chicken.
8.Add the chopped Mint leaves and salt .Cover  and cook it till the chicken is done.
9.Add  3/4 of the fried onions and cook for 5minutes . 
10.Add garam masala,lemon juice and coriander leaves and mix well.Cover it and keep it aside.

Preparing the  Rice

1.Soak the rice for 30 minutes.
2.In a pan add 2tbsp ghee , cloves,cinnomon and cardmom.saute well for a minute.
3.Add the washed rice and saute it for sometime.
4.Pour 3cups of water and salt to the rice.
5.Add rose water and cook  rice till soft and all the water is absorbed.Keep it aside..

6.Mix saffron strands in milk and keep it aside.

Preparing Malabar Chicken biriyani

1.Take a big vessel and add the chicken masala first.
2.Add the cooked rice on top of that.
3.Sprinkle the saffron milk, raw cashews and raisins.
4.Add the remaining fried onions on top of the  rice .
5.cover it tightly and cook it on low flame for 10 minutes.
6.Serve hot with pappadam,pickle and onion raita.


  1. Kidilan sree...kazhikkan endelum undonnu alochichondirikuvarunnu appozha ithu....

  2. They looks lovely dear...Simply Awesome..

  3. Dear Sree
    This is an wonderful recipe. I am very fond of Malabari dishes and have tried Malabari Biriyani before.This one is bit different , will try soon.
    Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend

  4. That looks so delicious sree...i love to try different type of biryani and this is next on my list...thanks for the recipe

  5. wow....looking delicious dear..........this is totally different for that i do.......

  6. Yummy biryani and my all time fav..Mahesh is gr8 in making biryani,but he use biryani rice for it..lokks yumm

  7. Delicious biryani...This is different from what I prepare :-)Will try your version next time ...

  8. Send me that whole plate, am ready to finish..delectable dish!

  9. oooh!!adipoli!!!
    wat a coincidence!! innu enthuthanee ayirunnu..same pinch da.. tell u the truth this is dfntly better than mine...hahhaha..ipool kazhicheullu..Pakshe ethu kanduittu..kothi vannittu vayya..:) exclnt
    Keep rocking dear!!

  10. Sree looks tempting,pass it to me

  11. eeshoye!!!! adipoli padam ellam kanichu enne kothipichu kothipichu ee kochu kolluvaneee!!!!
    fabulous dea..!!!

  12. hey this looks great!!!
    me and my husband is going to make it
    let me see how it turns out

  13. Thks for such lovely yummy reicipies presented in a simple easy way....good job.

  14. Looks yummy :-) just wanted to clarify if its 6 pods of garlic or 6 cloves?


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