Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chakka Varatti(Jackfruit Jam)

Am back after a long vaccation in India.We had a great time there..but i really missed blogging and my friends:-( So here am! Back to be with you all!
Malaysia,our new place is very nice, except the fact that, the climate over here is very hot,same like Kerala.That is the only thing i don't like.Everything else is so good .Everybody knows Malaysia is one of the famous tourist destinations. 20% of the population are indians! So its a home away from home for us. :-)
Malaysia is also famous for variety of food. Here we can find out Indian,chinese,Malay,Middle-Eastern,Korean,Western,Japanese and many other types of cuisines.
Coming back to today's recipe Chakka Varatti(Jackfruit Jam).This is prepared by my MIL when we were at my hubby's home. Jack Fruits were available in plenty during that time and so one fine afternoon, she made this for us :-)


Ripe Jackfruit pulps - 1kg
Jaggery - 750g
Ghee - 250g
Cardmom Powder- 1 tsp

1.Finely chop the jackfruits and steam it till it become soft.Cool it and make a paste in a blender.
2.Melt the jaggery using little water.
3.Put a thick bottomed pan in the stove(Traditionally this is made in 'Uruli'.)
4.Add ghee and jackfruit paste.Saute well.
5.Add jaggery syrup and mix well.
6.Cook on medium heat till the water is reduced.Add cardmom powder to this.
7.Stir it continuously till you get a jam consistancy.
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