Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unniyappam - My 100th Post!!!

Yeah!!! 10 months of blogging and finally 1 reached my 100th post!.Thanks alot for your love and support my friends. I think the main achievement is i got some lovely friends through this.
So to celebrate this wonderful event I made this yummy sweet .

For me Unniyappam is related to Vishu.Its a must for Vishu in my hometown-Kannur. So I am a bit nostalgic about this :) My mom makes this often when we have guests.The main ingredient for this is unroasted rice flour which we need to make ourself. So here is  my mom's Recipe ..


Raw rice - 2 cups (soaked for 2-3 hrs)
All purpose flour(Maida) - 1/2cup
Jaggery  - 1/2kg
Small Banana - 4-5
Sesame seeds - 2tsp
Dried coconut pieces - a handful
Cardmom - 10
Baking soda - a pinch(optional)
Oil for frying

1.Drain the soaked rice and grind it to fine power .

2.Melt jaggery with 1 cup of water.Strain it and allow to cool.
3.In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and make a thick batter.Add extra water if necessary.The batter should be like iddly batter.
4.Allow the batter to stand for 2hrs.
5.Heat the 'Unniyappam Pan' and add oil to each impressions.
6.Fill the impressions with the batter.When one side is done flip over to other side with a fork.
7.Cook both sides until they are golden brown in colour.
8.Serve with tea :-)


  1. Dear Sree..Our heartiest congrats for you milestone..

    Unniyapppams looks perfect. The color, the shape and we are drooling here..Amazing and great way to celebrate your achievement..

    Kairali sisters

  2. Congratssss dear.. Its a great milestone and waiting to see more from you. Keep it going. :)

    Appam looks fantastic too. so perfect in shape :)

  3. Dear Sree
    Congratulations on your 100th post and thank you for giving us great recipes.
    I like this dish. It used to be afternoon snack from a near by food jointin Kuwait .

    Have a nice day

  4. congrats for ur 100 th post sree...unniappam looks perfect...love to catch it out from this picture...

  5. Looks wonderful dear....This is in my to do list since a long time..yours recipe looks very authentic. ia m going to follow it.. How mant uniyapam does it make...

    And Congratulations for completeing 100 post..Hope you reach 1000 soon..

  6. Happy 100th post dearie!!!!!! unniappam looks wonderful!!!!!so perfect and yummy!!

  7. Congrats on ur 100th post Sree...Adipoli unniyappam...

  8. looks yummy...pls pass me some:)

  9. Congrats Sree..Uniappam assalayitundallo..njan ithu vare undakki nokitilla..uniappam undakuna uruli yum ente kayyil illa..appol pine ithu kandu vellam iraki nilkane kazhiyu...Vishu vinu thale divasam uniappam undakuna thirakoke ormayil oodi varunu..u made me nostalgic.


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