Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vegetable Pulav

Basmati rice - 1cup
Ghee -1tbsp
Cinnamon -2piece
Cardmom -2
Cloves -2 
Green Peas - 3tbsp
Carrot  - 1/2 of a carrot chopped
Beans - 5 ,chopped
Onion - 1,chopped
Tomato - 1,chopped
Cauliflower - 5 florets
Broccoli - 5 florets
Potato - 1
Green chillies -2
Ginger-garlic Paste -1tbsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2tsp
Coriander powder - 1/2tsp
Coriander leaves - 2tbsp
Mint leaves - 2tbsp
Salt to taste


Soak the rice in cold water for 30 minutes.Drain it and keep it aside.In a pan heat 1/2tbsp ghee and add the whole garam masala.Add rice to this and  saute it for few minutes.add 2cups of hot water ,salt and cook the rice.
Another pan add the remaining ghee , ginger-garlic paste and green chillies.Saute it for a minute.Add onion,carrot,potato,green peas,beans,cauliflower,broccoli,tomato respectively.Mix well and cook it on low flame.Add the spice powders ,coriander leaves,mint leaves and mix well.Put the cooked rice to this.Mix everything well.Serve hot with  raita or any other curry.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Milk Peda


Milk Powder - 1cup
Milk - 1cup
Homemade fresh paneer -1cup
Sugar -1/2cup
Butter -3tbsp
Cardmom Powder -1/4tsp
Pistachios (sliced) - 2tbsp


Heat butter in a pan .Add milk ,milk powder and paneer.Mix it well.Cook this mixture on medium heat.
Stir it continuously till the mixture starts leaving the side.The mixture looks like a soft dough when it is ready.
This should take 15 minutes.Transfer the mixture to a bowl and let it cool for some time.Add  sugar and cardmom powder to this mixture when it is lukewarm.Knead it for a minute.Make small balls out of it and
lightly press it down.Garnish with Pistachio slices.You can keep it in fridge for about a month.


If the Mixture is sticky put it in fridge for 10 minutes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Microwave Masala Peanuts


Raw peanuts - 1cup
Gram flour - 1cup
Kashmiri chilli powder - 1tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4tsp
Asafetida - a pinch
Curry leaves - few
Garlic paste -1tbsp
Olive oil - 3tbsp
Water - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste


In a microwave safe bowl add the ingredients except oil and water.Mix well.Add oil to this and mix well all the ingredients.Slowly add water little by little and give a mix,to coat the peanuts well.
Place the plate in the Microwave and heat for 2 minutes.Take out and stir the peanuts using a fork and place back in microwave and heat for 1 minute.Repeat the process till the peanuts are done.
The time in the microwave will depend on the wattage of the microwave.It took me 5 minutes.
It may still seem soft when you taste it while hot,but when you cool this it gets crunchy.

For increasing the crispness i   roast the masala peanuts  in a  pan for 2 minutes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Squares


Milk Chocolate - 350g
Condensed milk - 1tin
Butter - 100g
Apricots (chopped) - 1/4cup
Figs(chopped) - 1/2cup
Cashews(chopped) -1/4cup
Sulthana(yellow dried grapes) -1/4cup
Maria biscuits(crushed) - 40 nos


Boil some  water in a pot .Put a glass dish on top of the pot and add the butter .When it starts to melt add the chocolate pieces and melt it well.Remove it from the heat and add the condensed milk to the melted chocolate and mix well.Add the dry fruits and nuts and mix well.Add the crushed biscuits and coat well with the chocolate mixture.Take a square shaped plate and put a butter paper in that .Pour the mixture and spread it evenly.Refrigerate it for 3 hours.

Remove the butter paper and cut into squares.


I received this wonderful award from My buddies Rohini and Raje.Thank you so much dears for your encouragement.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kadai Paneer


Paneer - 15 cubes
Red bellpepper(medium)  - 1,cut into squares
Green or yellow bellpepper(medium) -1,cut into squares
Onion -1,cut into squares
tomatoes (pureed) -2
Ginger-garlic paste -1tbsp
greenchilli -2
Cumin Powder -1/2tsp
Coriander powder -1tsp
Turmeric powder -1/4tsp
Red chilli powder -1/2tsp
Kasoori methi powder - 1/2tsp
Asafetida - apinch
Oil -2tbsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves - 2tbsp

Heat oil in a pan and add the paneer cubes.Shallow fry them and keep it aside.
In the same pan add the bell peppers and onion.Saute well timm  it become tender.keep it aside.
In a kadai add oil and asafetida, tomato puree,green chilly,coriander powder,cumin powder,turmeric,chilli powder, kasoori methi and salt.Saute well for 3 to 4 minutes in low heat.Add the bell peppers and paneer.Mix well and switch off the stove.Garnish with  coriander leaves.Serve hot with any breads.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Muringayka -Ulli Theeyal/Drumstick -Shallot Theeyal


Muringayka(Drumstick) - 2 cut into small finger length pieces
Shallot - 15,cut into small pieces.
Tamarind -  small lemon sized
Turmeric Powder - 1/4tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2tsp
Curry leaves -a few
salt to taste
Coconut oil 

For the masala

Grated coconut -1cup
shallot - 3
Fenugreek Powder - 1/4tbsp
Red chilli Powder - 1/2tbsp
Coriander Powder - 1tbsp


Soak tamarind in 1/2 cup of water and take the extract from it.Heat oil in a small pan and add the coconut and pepper corns,Saute well it it become golden colour.Add chilli powder and coriander powder.Mix this stage add the fenugreek powder to off and make a smooth paste .keep it aside.
Another pan add some oil and splutter the mustard seeds and curry leaves.Add the chopped onion and saute well.Add the drumstick,Turmeric Powder ,salt and tamarind paste and some water and boil them.Add the masala paste and boil for 5 minutes.Add the sugar and switch of the stove.Serve with rice.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vermicelli Vada


Vermicelli - 1cup
Ginger(chopped) - 1tbsp
Greenchillies -3
Onion (chopped)-1,big
Egg - 1
All purpose flour - 3 to 5tbsp
Coconut milk powder - 25g
Coriander leaves - 3tbsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Boil some water and cook the vermicilli.Drain it and allow to  cool.Take the vermicelli in a bowl and add ginger,greenchillies,onion and 1 egg.Mix well.Then add coconut milk powder,chopped coriander leaves and garam masala and salt.To this add the required  flour and mix can add more flour if the dough is very loose.Make small balls out of it and press in your palm to flatten it and and deep fry in oil.Serve hot.(don't need any dippings :)))


Thanku babli dear for these wonderful awards:)


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Sarah of Vazhayila
Tina of Kaipunyam
Faiza ali of Faiza ali's kitchen

Monday, October 19, 2009

Palak Paneer


Paneer - 10-15 cubes
Palak/Spinach chopped - 2cup
Milk  - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 1/2tbsp
Ginger -Garlic paste - 1tbsp
cumin Powder -1/tsp
Tomato (pureed) -2
Onion - 1big,crushed
Garam masala - 1tsp
Red chilli powder -1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder -1/4tsp
Coriander Powder -1tsp
Fresh cream - 2tbsp(optional)


In a pan add the chopped spinach and some water.Cook the spinach for 2-3 minutes.Switch off the stove and cool them.After that Blend the cooked spinach and keep it aside.
Another pan heat ghee and shallow fry the paneer cubes.keep it aside.
Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan and add the crushed onions.let it cook for 5 minutes.Add ginger-garlic paste and saute well.Add Pureed  Tomatoes, cover and cook till the oil seperates from the mixture.Keep stirring frequently.
Add the Spinach  paste and saute well.Add the masala powders and mix well and cook it for 5 minutes.Add the required milk  and paneer cubes.Mix well.Pour the cream and mix gently and serve hot with any breads.

Pumpkin Curry

This is my Mother in law's special Recipe.I love her vegeterian dishes,Especially Kappa Puzhukku with Kantharimulaku chammanthi..hmm ..yummy..that's my favorite.


Pumpkin(cut into small pieces) - 2 cups
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Green chillies - 3
Salt - to taste
Tamarind paste - 3tbsp

For the Masala

Coconut - 1/2 cup
Shallots - 4
Red chilly Powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1tbsp
Fenugreek seeds - 5
Curry leaves - few

For Seasoning

Shallots - 2
Coconut oil - 1tbsp
Dried red chillies - 3
Curry leaves - few


In a pressure cooker Add Pumpkin,green chillies ,turmeric powder,salt and some water.Cook well.
In a pan heat oil and add coconut,Fenugreek,Shallots and curry leaves.Saute well till the cocnut become golden brown colour.Switch off the stove and immediately add
Chilly powder and Coriander powder,Mix well.Allow them to cool.Make a smooth paste in grinder.Open the cooker,mash the pumpkin and add the masala , tamarind paste and some water.Boil them for 5 to 8 minutes.Switch off the stove.In a small pan heat oil and splutter the mustard seeds.Put the shallots and dried red chillies ,saute well till the shallot become golden colour.Pour this over the curry and garnish with some curry leaves .Serve hot with rice :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Carrot Halwa - Happy Diwali to all!!!

First of all 'HAPPY DIWALI'  to everybody.Diwali is a special day for all of us.But this year's Diwali is special one for me because, its my Hubby's Birthday!!! I love him more than anything in this world.

He likes carrot halwa a lot. So i made this  especially for him.


Grated  Carrot - 5 cups
Condensed Milk - 1/2 tin
Milk - 1cup
Cardmom Powder - 1/2tsp
Ghee - 2tbsp
 Cashews and Dry grapes -1tsp each


In a thick bottomed pan add the grated carrot and milk.Boil till thick,stirring occasionally.Once it starts thickening pour the condensed milk over this.Mix it and cook well till it become almost dry.Add 1tbsp of ghee and cardmom to this and  mix well.Heat 1tbsp ghee in a small pan and fry the cashews and dry grapes.Garnish the halwa with this.Enjoy the delicious dessert!!!

 I wish  you and yours  a very happy Diwali!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gobhi Paratha


For dough

Wheat flour - 1 cup
Required water
Salt to taste

For filling

Cauliflower (shredded) - 2 cups
Green chillies(cut into small pieces) - 3
Fennel seeds - 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves(chopped) -1/4cup
Salt to taste

Oil to spread


Make the chapati dough.Knead the dough for few minutes.Dough should be soft.Cover it and keep it aside for 15 minutes.

Mix together shredded cauliflower,greenchillies.fennel seeds,coriander leaves and  salt.keep it aside for 2 minutes.Then squeeze the water as much as possible.

Make medium balls from the dough.Roll into 3inch diameter.Put the filling in the center.Close it like dumplings and keep it aside for 3 minutes.For step by step instructions click here

Heat a pan on medium high.Roll the Parathas(keep the sealed side on top.To make it easier to roll the balls, first roll them in dry wheat flour.Place it over the the pan.After  paratha starts changing the colour  flip the paratha over and spread the oil, and slightly press with the spatula.
Make sure the paratha is golden brown  colour on both sides.Serve hot with curd and pickle.


My friend Priya of  Priyas Recipes have passed this award to me..Thanks alot dear for remembering me.

Another blogger friend Sanghi of Sanghi's Food delights have passed this awrad.Thanks a ton Saghi.

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Vrinda of Sankeerthanam
Sangeetha of
Nostalgia of Collaborative curry
Raje of Veggie Haven

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Butter Chicken

For Marination:

Boneless Chicken(cut into cubes) -1 1/2 cup
Lime Juice - 1tsp
Yogurt - 3tbsp
Ginger-garlic paste - 1tbsp
Kashmiri Chilli powder - 2tsp
Cumin Powder - 1/2tsp
Garam masala - 1tsp
Salt - to taste

For the Gravy

Tomato -2 medium(pureed)
Garam masala - a pinch
Kasoori methi Powder - 1/2tsp
Butter- 1tbsp
Water - 1/4cup
whipping cream - 1/4cup
Kashmiri chilli powder - 1/4tbsp

Oil - 2tbsp


First marinate the chicken with the above ingredients and keep it in the refrigerator or atleast a couple of hours. After that heat oil in a pan and cook the chicken with the marinade.Cover it and cook it on low flame
till the chicken is done.

In another pan add oil and saute the tomato puree for 2 minutes .Then add the butter , chilli powder and garam masala.Mix well.Add kasoori methi powder and water.Boil it for 2minutes.Finally pour the cream and mix it.Add the chicken and mix well.Serve with any indian bread.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aval Vilayichathu

Aval/poha/rice flakes with Jaggiri and coconut is an easy and tasty snack. Serve this with Banana.

Aval( Rice flakes) - 300g
Jaggiri  - 250g
Grated coconut - 1cup
Cardmom Powder - 1/2tsp


First make Jaggiri cyrup.Pour 1/2 cup of water in a pan ,add the jaggiri pieces and melt it.
In a bowl add the aval  and sprinke some water and mix them.(by doing this the aval become soft)
Add Coconut to the jaggiri cyrup.Mix well.Then add the aval and cardmom powder also.Mix it well till the aval is coated with jaggiri.Switch off the stove.Serve it cool.You can store this  in fridge for a month.

My dear friend Rohini of  Curries & Spices have passed these awards to me.I am so happy to receive these awards.Thanks alot Dear.


I am passing this awards to my   friends Sanghi ,Babli, Sangi

Unakka Chemmen (Dried Shrimps)Chammanthi


Unakka chemmeen (dried small shrimps) - 1/2 cup
Grated coconut - 3/4 cup
Dried red chillies - 5
Shallots - 3 to 4
Tamarind- a small piece
Curry leaves - 2springs


Remove the head and tail of the shrimps and wash it well.Heat a pan and fry the shrimps and red chillies on a low flame.When they are crispy switch off the stove.In a blender add Shrimps,redchillies,coconut,shallots,curry leaves,tamarind and salt.Grind all the ingredients well to a coarse mixture.Serve with rice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed Noodles


Noodles -250g
Mixed vegetables(i used carrot,cauliflower,beans,green peas,red bell pepper)
Chicken breast - 2
egg -2
Soy sauce - 1tbsp
Hot and sweet chilli sauce(sambal) - 2tbsp
Spring onion - 2 tbsp
Vegetable oil - 2tbsp


Marinate the chicken with 1tbsp chilli sauce, soy sauce and salt.for half an hour.Then cook the chicken  and keep it aside.Boil the vegetables.Cook the noodles and drain them.
In a wok add oil and saute the vegetables and chicken.Add the eggs and scramble it .Than add the noodles and mix well.Add the remaining chilli sauce and saute well.Garnish with spring onions.Serve hot.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nadan Kappa(Tapioca) Puzhukku


Tapioca - 1 kg
Turmeric Powder -1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - few
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Garlic pods - 5
Green chillies - 3


Heat water in a vessel .Add the tapioca pieces and cook well till it become soft.Grind together garlic, green chillies and turmeric powder.Add coconut to this and crush it.Drain the water from tapioca and add salt,curry leaves and coconut mixture.Mix well.Serve hot with fish curry.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Egg Kebab

For the masala:

2 Boiled eggs
2 onion(sliced)
1tbsp ginger(chopped)
1tsp Garlic (chopped)
3 Greenchillies
4 large potato(boiled and mashed)
1/2tbsp Garam masala
1/4tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Few Coriander leaves,Curry leaves,Mint leaves
2 eggs for dipping
1 cup Bread crumbs


Heat oil in a pan .Add the onion and saute well till it become light brown colour.Add ginger,garlic,green chillies and mix them.Add the masala powders,curry leaves and mint leaves.Saute well.To this stage add the mashed potato and salt.Mix well and add the coriander leaves to this.Switch off the stove and allow them to cool.
For dipping,break the eggs,add salt and beat well.
Take the boiled eggs and cut into 4 pieces(legthwise)

When the mixture is cooled make into equal size of balls.Flat each balls and add 1
egg piece in center.Shape it like unnakaya.Dip it in egg and coat with bread crumbs.
Deep fry them in oil.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soya Chunks Curry

This is one of our favorite and usual curry for chapati.Those who like north Indian dishes would love this curry!I am sure :) .Health conscious  people can try this recipe by avoiding cashew paste.


Soya Chunks - 20
Ghee - 1/2 tbsp
Coconut milk - 1 cup
Cashew paste -1/4 cup

For the masala

Ginger(chopped) - 1tbsp
Garlic(chopped) - 1tbsp
Green chillies - 2
Cumin seeds - 1/2tsp
Fennel seeds - 1/2tsp
Cardmom pods - 2
Chopped Onion - 1
Tomato - 1
Coriander leaves - 2tbsp
Garam masala -1/2tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Pepper powder-1/4tsp


Soak the soya chunks in water for 45 minutes.Squeeze out  the water from the chunks and grind it.Keep it aside.
In a pan add 1tbsp oil and crackle the cumin and fennel seeds.Add cardmom pods,ginger,garlic and green chillies.Saute well.Add the chopped onion ,saute the onion till it become transparent.Add the masala powders and tomato.Saute well till the tomato are cooked.Allow to cool and make a paste.
Heat ghee in a pan .Add the soya chunks mixture and saute well.

Then add the masala paste and coconut milk.Boil them for 10 minutes on low heat.

Finally add the cashew paste (no need to boil it again).Switch off the stove .Serve with Chapati :)

My dear friend Sangeetha  has passed this Great Award to me.Thanks a ton Sanghee for your support and encouragement.
This award goes with a fun meme which has to be passed on to 6 of your favourite blogs and which has to be answered with only one word.

Here is the meme part:

1. Where is your cell phone? bag
2. Your hair? Nice
3. Your mother? working
4. Your father? loving
5. Your favorite food? Chicken
6. Your dream last night? None
7. Your favorite drink? Milkshakes
8. Your dream/goal? confidential
9. What room are you in? Living
10. Your hobby? cooking
11. Your fear? worms
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Netherlands
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something you aren’t? Insincere
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. Wish list item? Car
17. Where did you grow up? Kerala
18. Last thing you did? Had Tea
19. What are you wearing? Pants&T-shirt
20. Your TV? Off
21. Your pets? None
22. Your friends? Kannan
23. Your life? heavenly
24. Your mood? Happy
25. Missing someone? No
26. Vehicle? None
27. Something you’re not wearing? Sleeveless
28. Your favorite store? Ikea
29. Your favorite color? coffee
30. When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? Unsure
32. Your best friend? Kannan
33. One place that I go over and over? Amsterdam
34. One person who emails me regularly? Mother-in-law
35. Favorite place to eat? Home

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strawberry Smoothie

Smoothies are very healthy and easy to make.You can use almost any fruit to make smoothie-Strawberries,banana,pineapple,Apple,mangoes.The list goes on and on :).


Strawberry - 10 to 15
Cold Curd - 1 cup
Sugar - 1tbsp(Adjust with your taste.)
Cold Skimmed Milk(optional) - 1/4cup


Combine strawberries,curd,sugar and skimmed milk in a blender.Blend until smooth.Smoothie ready!!!

Kaya Thoran(Raw Banana Stir fry)


Raw Banana - 2
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Chilly Powder - 1/2 tsp
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Garlic pods - 3 big
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tbsp
Coconut Oil - 1tsp
Curry leaves - few


Peel the banana and cut into small pieces.Wash well.Cook them with turmeric,chilly powder,salt and little water.Cook well till it become soft.Crush the garlic and coconut.In a pan heat oil and splutters the mustard and curry leaves .Then add the crushed coconut mixture,saute well.Add the cooked banana and mix well.Serve hot with rice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Neychoru(Ghee Rice)


Basmati rice - 1 cup
water - 2 cups
Onion - 1 medium
Ghee -  1 tbsp

Cardmom pods - 2
Cloves  - 2
Cinnomon stick pieces - 3
Bay leaf - 1
Salt - to taste

For garnishing

Ghee - 1 tbsp
Cashews - 1 tbsp
Dry grapes - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1


Wash the rice and soak it for 30 minutes.Heat 1tbsp ghee in a pan ,fry the cashews and dry grapes.keep it aside.In the same pan add sliced onion and fry it till it become dark brown colour.

Drain the rice.In a pan heat  ghee and add the whole garam masala,sute well. Add sliced onions.Saute the onion for 2 minutes .Add the rice and saute well(so the rice won't be  sticky).Add water and salt to this.close it and cook the rice .Occasionally  check the rice.If it is ready remove it from the fire.

Garnish with  fried cashews,dry grapes and onions.Serve hot with Chicken Curry

Monday, October 5, 2009

Malabar Chicken Curry And an Award!!!

Another super recipe from my mom - The Malabar Chicken Curry. She prepares this whenever we have some special guests and serves it always with her special Ghee Rice. Yummy!!This is my favorite chicken recipe as well. The one that I always want to prepare when I buy chicken. Whenever we go home, my hubby ask my mom to prepare it for him. He likes that extra taste of the chicken when it is prepared out of the 'Kal Chatti' (Stone cooking pot). These days, he says the chicken is becoming tasty like when my mom prepares it. :-) So hope you will also love it...Give it a try...


Chicken - 1 kg
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tbsp
chilly powder - 2 tsp
Salt - to taste
Lime Juice - 1tbsp
Onion - 2,medium
Green chillies - 3
Tomato - 1 big
Ginger(chopped) - 1tbsp
Garlic(chopped) - 1tbsp
Curry leaves - a handful

For the masala

Coconut oil - 1 tbsp
Grated coconut - 3/4 cup
Garlic - 2 pods
Whole garam masala(cardmom,cloves,cinnamon pieces) - 2 each
Whole pepper corns - 10 to 15
Coriander Powder - 2tbsp
Curry leaves - few


Marinate the chicken with turmeric,chilly powder,salt and lime juice.Keep it refrigerated overnight or at least 1hr if you don't have time.
In a pan heat coconut oil and add grated coconut,pepper corns,whole garam masala,chopped garlic and curry leaves.Saute well till the coconut become dark brown colour.Add coriander powder to this.Mix well.allow it to cool.After that make it to a smooth paste.Keep it aside.
In a big pan heat oil and saute ginger,garlic and greenchillies .Add the sliced onion and saute well for 2 minutes .Add sliced tomato and mix well.To this add the marinated chicken , cover it and cook them till the chicken is half done.(don't add water).Add the masala paste and boil them for 10 minutes or till the chicken is done.
Garnish with Curry leaves.Serve hot .It goes well with Chappathi,appam or even with the plain rice.The best combination is 'Neychoru' or Ghee rice'-The recipe is coming soon!!! :-)

My friend Babli   of Khana Masala have passed this 'A Fabulous Award' to me.Thanks alot  dear for your encouragement and this wonderful gift.I am feeling very happy to receive this .Thank u so much for thinking of me and passing it on.

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